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We've been waiting for an opportunity to share ideas with Christian book lovers in this community and surrounding areas for quite some time, and it's finally here! At Abundant Life Ministry's Book Club, we consider ourselves on an endless but exciting journey into imaginary as well as down-to-earth worlds woven by Christian authors of fiction and non-fiction. We've laughed and cried together over books such as Martyr's Song by Ted Dekker, and Frank Peretti's novels, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness.

Two months at a time, our book club alternates between a fiction and non-fiction book. Then, once a month (Tuesdays at 7 pm), we meet over refreshments to fellowship and share our thoughts on whatever book we're reading.

The Noticer Chapter 2

Monday, February 8, 2010

Even if you haven't read chapter 2 of the book yet, many of us have read about or heard of love gone bad.  The couple in this book don't hate each other; they actually claim to still love one another, but can't seem to feel the other's love.  If only we could truly understand that love isn't about how much the other person can give to us, but how much we committed ourselves to giving no matter what the other person does or does not do.   
After having said that, I am in total agreement with Andy Andrews that it is important to know each other's love language so that we can effectively communicate and fill each other's love bank on a daily basis.  We also need to understand that the love language we speak may not be the same as our spouse's, but we expect the other person to communicate that way just the same.  Four basic types of love languages are words of affirmation (spoken words of approval), acts of service (favors and deeds), physical touch,  and quality time
Which one are you?  How do you think knowing which love language you speak may influence how you relate to the one you love?  I'll be waiting to hear from you all...


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